Keep Your Home Wasp-Free

Keep Your Home Wasp-Free

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Are you afraid of getting stung by wasps on your own property? Garfield Pest Control provides wasp, hornet and bee control services out of Merrimack, NH.

Don’t let stinging insects take over your yard, porch or deck. Hire us to spray the nests on your property and remove the nests. If wasps, hornets or bees reappear within 90 days of our service, we’ll come back out and treat your property for stinging insects again.

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Keep wasps and bees away from your home

Garfield Pest Control offers stinging pest control services in the southern New Hampshire area. Prevent stinging insects from making a home on your property by:

  • Making sure not to leave out fruit or sweet foods
  • Putting your bird feeders away
  • Filling in crevices and cracks in your deck and on your porch
  • Keeping scented candles inside

Reach out to us right away with any questions you may have about our wasp, bee and hornet control services.