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The Coronavirus Pandemic

Garfield Pest Control will be open for business as usual. But know that we are sensitive to your needs at this unusual time. We have taken certain measures within our business and will extend special actions to your specific situation to reassure you that we deliver a safe and effective service. Most services can be performed outside your home, but if we need to come inside, we can. There’s enough stress in our lives right now without having to deal with a pest issue.

These are unprecedented times in our lives. The coronavirus has brought borders to a lockdown, economies to a screeching halt, and social services to a minimal level of supply. Its times like these that make us all reflect on what our priorities in life are.

What are the important things in our lives? Social media has allowed us to communicate like never before, and never before have we had such a “tool” during such a severe situation. Imagine if Facebook was around during one of the world wars. Along with the benefits of technology aiding communication, the tradeoffs can go unnoticed, leading to behaviors that don’t help each other, like fights over toilet paper, or price gouging on lifesaving products.

News travels like the wind now and along with it sometimes we get the odor of the septic system or the water treatment plant. At first, it we recognize a new scent (hearsay or a rumor), and then we recognize the accuracy of that odor for what it is (fact check).

I encourage us all to reflect on a couple of things. One is that we, as a country, have been through severe situations before, and we have forged through seemingly dire circumstances together and survived, with a stronger sense of confidence, capability, and resolve.

We have not been pressed like this as a nation for more than 60 years. Two generations of citizens have no idea what it’s like to save metal found in the streets to make bullets with for the war effort. Our nation got through that because we came together with respect for each other to support a common goal.

And we can do it again. Panic and fear will help no one. Although these can be looked at as fearful times, filled with uncertainty, courage and calm will guide us through.

It’s a time to lean in, look around, and be part of the solution. We look forward to the future, taking into it what we learn from this time, and what we’re reminded of. May God bless you.