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5 Cool and Fun Facts About Mice

5 Cool and Fun Facts About Mice

What Are 5 Facts About Mice?

Are mice good for anything? They love to steal our food and sneak into our homes, so it’s easy to see them as villains. Mice are wild animals though, and they have some cool characteristics that might surprise you.

What are 5 cool facts about mice? We’re going to explore this question together, so let’s get started!

Mice: Pets or Pests?

In the past, mice were considered annoying pests that stole food and damaged people’s homes. Though wild mice still wreak havoc, domestic mice have proven to be fun and loyal companions.

Because mice are surprisingly intelligent, social, and adaptable, they can be seen in every aspect of our lives. You can find them as science experiment subjects, housepets, sneaky pests, and even food for our reptilian friends.

Mice are multi-faceted creatures, and for better or worse, they have many intersecting roles in our world.

What Are 5 Cool Facts About Mice?

Though mice have been studied extensively, we’re still learning more about them every day. So, what are some cool facts about mice?

1. Mice Can Fit Through a Hole as Small as a Pencil

Mice are more flexible than you think: they can fit through an opening as small as 6 mm!

Like many mammals, their head is the largest, most inflexible point on their body. As long as their head can fit, the rest of their body can squeeze through, too. 

This also means that if you have mice in your home, they have endless places to hide.

2. One Mouse Can Have Over 100 Babies in a Year

Have you ever heard the phrase “breeding like rabbits”? Believe it or not, mice can breed just as much.

Mice will usually have 32-56 pups in a year, but they have the potential to easily produce over 100 pups. They’re social animals, and their family grows quickly when they have a safe place to live.

3. Mice Have Ultrasonic Hearing

As humans, we hear a range of between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Mice, however, hear frequencies from 1 to 100 kHz, reaching ultrasonic levels.

Whatever the evolutionary reason, mice are fine-tuned to the sounds of their predators and know when to hide, making them very stealthy animals.

4. Mice Teeth Grow Longer Every Day

Mice are part of the rodent family, which means that their teeth never stop growing. Mouse teeth grow 0.03 cm every day.

They do have methods to keep their teeth short, though you may not like the result. Mice grind their teeth down by chewing and gnawing on everything in sight.

Unfortunately, your wires, furniture, and pantry food items may become victims of their restless chewing habit.

5. You Can See Mouse Urine Under a Blacklight

If you suspect mice, you can always call pest control to schedule an inspection. Or, if you want to play detective, you can bring out a blacklight.

Most rodent urine will glow under a blacklight because of the presence of amino acids. Though blacklight isn’t the most effective way to catch a mouse, it can be a fun opportunity to show your children an interesting science experiment.

Learn More Information on Mice in Your Home

What are 5 facts about mice? Did you know facts about mice?

As you can see, mice are more complicated than meets the eye. And if you have a mice infestation in your home, getting rid of them may be harder than you think.

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