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5 Telltale Warning Signs of Termites

5 telltale signs of termites

Telltale Warning Signs of Termite Troubles

Has the thought of termites damaging your home or commercial building ever entered your mind? Do you know what the signs of termites are?

Termites are teeny, tan-colored insects that resemble flying ants. Termites colonize in groups with up to 1 million workers. These winged cockroach relatives mostly nest below ground in self-made tunnels.

Termites are extremely unique in their ability to digest wood. They gnaw through wood and break down the cellulose for nutrients to survive. Many termites prefer nibbling on damp wood that’s already soft from rotting. Nonetheless, some termite species feast upon dry wood that’s holding up houses.

Termites are notoriously shy snackers that create damage in secret. Homeowners and commercial building owners must be on the lookout for red flags that indicate a termite presence.

Know The Signs of Termites

Do you suspect a colony of termites has invaded your residence or commercial building?

Taking immediate steps to evict these tiny yet mighty destroyers is essential. If left ignored, termites multiply quickly and infest your home and commercial building. Termites are voracious eaters that can chew through a 2×4 in months. Termites pose a significant threat to your house and building’s structural integrity.

Eventually, eaten wood can make floors and ceilings buckle.

Termite infestations can also trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks in some homeowners. Contact a pest control specialist such as Garfield Pest Control in NH whenever you notice five telltale warning signs of termite troubles.

1. Tunneling Termite Tubes

Subterranean termites are expert architects of tunnels. Termites build so-called mud tubes by mixing soil with their saliva. Sounds gross, huh? These tubes act as subways for transporting termites to their supper – your house’s wood. Tunnels provide inarguable evidence of termite activity.

Therefore, inspect your foundation regularly for mud tubes. Look for intricate labyrinths of ultra-thin tunnels. Head inside and repeat your termite search on the basement walls. If you notice this telltale termite shelter, break a small section and return in a couple of days. Repaired tubes indicate an active colony of termite workers.

Termite treatment must be the next step when you see these signs of termites.    

5 telltale signs of termites

2. Disposed of Termite Wings

Did you know that termites aren’t only creepy crawlers? Termites have a set of two identical wings for flying. Termite swarmers use these wings to scout locations for mating and colonizing. They’re the Ferdinand Magellan of termites, who explore possible nesting sites.

Once termites have chosen your home or commercial building as their target, they can shed their unneeded wings. They won’t be flying away from their bustling new wood-eating operation. Pairs of disposed of wings are another telltale warning sign of an infestation.

Wings are often discovered around windows and doors. Grab a flashlight to hunt down translucent termite wings. Seek professional pest control help if wings are found.

3. Piles of Termite Poo

Even tiny insects need to go to the bathroom. Termites generate waste just like every animal. Termite droppings, or frass, are a worrying warning sign of an infestation. Termite feces is so tiny that you wouldn’t notice it unless the termite colony is big.

What does termite frass look like? Imagine the dust that’s created when a saw cuts wood. Termite droppings are similar powdery pellets of wood. Termites are compulsive cleaners that clear waste from their tunnels. Frass piles up over time to create a literal mound of poo.

Inspect your home regularly for inexplicable heaps of sawdust. Avoid touching the frass, which may have harmful bacteria. Instead, reach out to a licensed pest management company.

4. Rattling Walls

Termites don’t have ears to hear sounds the way humans do. Termites don’t have a voice box to chit-chat, either. Instead, termites communicate with their colony by vibrations. Termites detect every vibration using their ultra-sensitive antennae.

Worker termites bang their heads to warn their buddies when they feel threatened. It’s like playing knock on wood to keep danger away. These head-banging sounds will be audible to your ears. As the termites feel you getting closer, their nosiness will increase. Rattling walls are telltale warning signs of termites.

5. Hollowed-Out Timber

Hollow wood is an advanced telltale warning sign of termite troubles. Termites penetrate into the wood by making kick holes. Termites are infamous invaders that destroy wood from the inside out. Infested wood can look completely normal on the outside despite vigorous activity inside.

Drywood termites dig tunnels called galleries to burrow into wood. As feeding continues, the wood board becomes nearly empty inside. Eventually, all that remains is the coat of paint or veneer. Hollow wood makes a distinct sound when tapped.

Use your fist to knock on wood you suspect has been gobbled up. Hire a termite control specialist immediately if the wood sounds hollow. Carved-out, compromised wood makes your home unsafe to inhabit.

Signs of Termites & Damage Caused By Termites

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, termites cause up to $7 billion worth of household damage each year. About 50 different termite species swarm American homes and wreak year-round havoc. Protecting your house’s wood structures from termite bites is imperative. Avoid enticing termites with woodpiles near your home. Install gutters to drain rain and prevent a moist habitat for termites. Choose rubber or rock alternatives to traditional wood mulch. Cut down overgrown tree branches that taxi termites to your front door. Above all, respond quickly when the telltale warning signs of termite troubles appear. Call an experienced pest control company today for a termite inspection.

If you are in New Hampshire, suspect or see the signs of termites and need a professional termite removal and control company, look no further than right here; Garfield Pest Control is the go-to. Contact us today for immediate, reliable and effective termite removal and control services.