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What Kind Of Bugs Come Out In The Fall in NH

What Kind Of Bugs Come Out In The Fall in NH

Pests in New Hampshire: What Kind of Bugs Come Out in the Fall?

New Hampshire’s chilly falls bring temperatures as low as 30F and typically no higher than 60F, which make your home the perfect environment for bugs looking for a warm place to hide. So as the weather cools, what should you be on the lookout for?

Keep reading to learn about common pests in New Hampshire that may invite themselves in this fall.  

Common Insects in New Hampshire 

Like mammals, many insects go through a period of inactivity similar to hibernation called diapause. During diapause, insects go dormant due to obligation or because of environmental conditions. For example, several kinds of moths, beetles, and butterflies hibernate through cold months. 

On the other hand, as the colder months roll in, opportunistic bugs choose to seek shelter in warm, safe areas. This means your home.

Common Fall Pests: Silverfish and Firebrats

Silverfish and the similar-looking wingless bugs Firebrats do not undergo diapause and can show up in your home at any time of the year. They are sensitive to temperature and seek out warm, dark, and damp shelters. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, garages, kitchens, and cabinets are typical hiding spots. 

Silverfish and Firebrats love carbohydrates and go after food like flour, oats, cereal, and pet food. They are known for their destructive tendencies because they munch through cardboard, paper, books, and clothing. Look for these pests in dark, damp areas near food sources and inspect your belongings for damage.

Bed Bugs 

If you have dealt with bed bugs before, just hearing the name is probably enough to make you feel itchy. These tiny insects are almost entirely found indoors, where they bite and feed on the blood of sleeping people. They are more active in cold months, and you may be more likely to experience an infestation in the fall or winter. 

If you go away on vacation or a child comes home from college for the holidays, bed bugs may have traveled back home with you. Signs of these pests include welts or itchy skin, small dark stains on bedsheets, shells or skins under your mattress or around your bed. The best approach for eradicating bed bugs is by hiring pest control in the fall.


The sound of crickets chirping outside is a pleasant and charming sound on a cool fall night. However, when these noisy creatures invade your house, that sound can quickly become irritating. If that is not bad enough, they reproduce swiftly and damage upholstery, clothing, plants, paper, and food. 

Signs of a problem include hearing chirping at night, holes in fabric or furniture, and seeing them near garbage bins, lights, fireplaces or other heat sources, under pipes or near fixtures in your kitchen. 

Stink Bugs 

As the name suggests, stink bugs are a smelly house pest that invades in the fall and can be hard to get rid of on your own. While they do not pose a threat to human health, dogs and cats that eat stink bugs could experience gastrointestinal distress from the musky fluid they secrete from their pores when they are threatened or die. 

This foul odor is what makes DIY extermination difficult. However, pest control companies know how to handle stink bugs and the best methods for dealing with an infestation. 

Persistent Bugs That Come Out in The Fall in New Hampshire

As discussed in this blog article, bugs that come out in the fall in NH can be a huge nuisance.

No matter what pests in New Hampshire are plaguing your home, you can take steps to control and eliminate the problem. Before the coldest months roll in, seal any cracks in your home and properly contain food and stored belongings.

If any of these bugs that have come out in the fall are invading your property, contact the pest control techs at Garfield Pest Control for a free estimate! We will be eager to help you.