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How To Manage & Prevent Rodents in The Winter

How To Manage & Prevent Rodents in The Winter

Your Guide to Rodents In The Winter In New Hampshire

Did you know rodents are more active around homes in the winter? These pests are looking for a warm place to nest and can cause damage to your property. Here are some tips on how to manage and prevent rodents in the winter in NH.

Home Inspection

Do wild rats come out in the winter? The answer is yes. It is important to inspect the outside of your home for any cracks or holes which could make it easy for rodents to enter.

These can be found in the foundation, siding, soffits, eaves, vents, piping entries, and numerous other areas of a home’s exterior. Not only do rodents cause damage, but they may also introduce parasites and diseases.

Homeowners should look closely at these vulnerable spots around the house and seal them as needed to block out pests like mice and rats. If you are unable to identify or repair these areas yourself, a professional pest control company can help detect hidden infestations and deter future problems from happening.

Are Rodents Active in the Winter?

Rodents are active year-round, but they become more of a problem in the winter months when food becomes scarce, and temperatures drop. Rodents are looking for a warm and safe place to nest, so they often enter homes through small gaps or cracks.

They can cause damage to your home and property by gnawing on electrical wires, furniture, and other items. Rodents can also spread parasites and diseases which can be harmful to humans and pets.

How Do You Get Rid of Field Mice in the Winter?

If you notice field mice in the winter, the proper exclusion is one of the best ways to control their access to your home or yard. Make sure to inspect the outside of your home for any entry points and seal them as needed. Also, ensure that all food sources are properly stored in airtight containers, and that pet food is put away before bedtime.

In addition to exclusion, trapping can also be an effective form of rodent control. There are many types of traps available, and it is crucial to choose the one most suited to your needs. Trapping should be done safely and with caution to avoid accidents.

Finally, it is essential to remember that prevention is always better than a cure. Making sure to keep the outside of your home free of clutter and debris can help reduce the chance of rodent infestation. Additionally, it is important to inspect your property for any signs of rodent activity regularly.

Manage and Prevent Rodents in the Winter in NH

Although it may seem like a daunting task, there are steps you can take to manage and prevent rodents in the winter in NH. Inspecting your property for potential entry points and sealing them up can make it difficult, if not impossible, for rodents to get inside. And by keeping food stored and cleaned up, you can reduce the chances that they will be attracted to your home in the first place.

New Hampshire rodents are just looking for a warm place that has food. Following these tips will keep them out of your property. And if you do find them scurrying around your home, contact Garfield Pest Control to get rid of them for good.