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Your Local New Hampshire Pest Control Services

Your Local New Hampshire Pest Control Services

Guide to New Hampshire Local Pest Control Services

Do you suspect a pest infestation in your home? You’re not alone; therefore, local New Hampshire pest control services may be needed.

According to the most recent United States Census, about 14.8 million homes reported seeing rodents. And nearly as many experienced problems with roaches in the last year. 

But dealing with a pest problem can be a challenge. What types of pests can be invading your home? And what are the signs of pests to look out for? 

If you live in New Hampshire and are looking for local pest control near me, we at Garfield Pest Control can help. Read on to learn more about how to keep your home protected. 

Types of Pests

In New Hampshire, there are several types of pests homeowners and businesses deal with regularly. 


Nobody likes seeing ants in their home. But did you know that some types of ants can cause structural damage to your home

Carpenter ants, in particular, will cut up wood inside your home and carry it away to build up their colonies. Look out for mounds of dirt or sand in your yard and mysterious wood shavings appearing inside your home. 

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Rodents are found nearly everywhere in the world, living alongside humans. Aside from the damage they can do to the insulation and wiring inside your home, they can also spread deadly infectious diseases through their feces and urine. 

Look out for droppings and chewed-up food packaging. Listen for the sounds of chewing and skittering, especially in the kitchen and under appliances. 

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Beg Bugs 

Is there anything more cringe-worthy than the thought of these little bugs in your bed at night? It’s literally a skin-crawling thought. 

Look out for itchy, red bites on your skin and small blood-stains on your blanket. And, of course, the tick-like bugs themselves tend to hide in the crevices of your bedframe and mattresses. 

Bed bugs are well-known for their difficulty in getting rid of and require the attention of a professional to eradicate from your home entirely. 

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Bees, wasps, and hornets can be painful pests to have hanging–or rather, flying–around. And they can be life-threatening if anyone in your home has an allergy to their stings. 

They can also be aggressively defensive of their nests. If you can find where they have built their home, it’s best to come back at night to remove it. That’s when most of the insects will be inside and less aggressive. And always wear proper protective equipment

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Though it’s questionable whether cockroaches would actually survive a nuclear blast, it’s undeniable that they are extremely difficult to remove from your home. 

Moreover, they spread bacteria throughout your home and are generally unpleasant to have around. 

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Termites are arguably one of the most dangerous pests to have in your home. This is because they can go unseen for years, all the while doing significant structural damage to your home and endangering your safety. 

It’s essential to act quickly as the first sign of termites and take measures to prevent an infestation in the first place. 

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Local Pest Control Near Me

A professional pest control specialist can evaluate what type of pests are threatening your home and what damage from pests has already been done.

They can then use the proper pest control methods to eliminate your pest problem safely using specialized pest control equipment specific to the type of infestation. 

Finally, they can address pest access points and employ precautions to prevent infestations from reoccurring. 

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If you have any of these pest issues in South and Central New Hampshire, Garfield Pest Control is the answer to your local pest control near me search. 

We offer safe, effective, and affordable pest control services for a wide range of pest issues in the New Hampshire area. 

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