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Moving In? 4 Tips to Check & Avoid Bed Bugs

Moving In? 4 Tips to Check & Avoid Bed Bugs

Before You Move In, Check Out These 4 Tips for Bed Bug Control

Searching for a new residence takes a lot of work. As exciting as it may be to find a new place with enough room for the entire family, there are underlying things you must look out for. It’s not always about the square footage, proximity to your job, or even the best rental price. Sometimes you need to focus during your walk-through and determine if there are any other residents on-site – bed bugs! 

What to Look for During a Walk-through 

On your first visit to an apartment or home, it’s okay to ask the landlord if there are any pests in the unit and what accommodations have been made to keep it pest-free. If they tell you there are no pests, still inspect the unit on your own. In most states, landlords are required to disclose if there have been any pest issues in the past year. However, if they do not know about it, they technically are not lying to you. 

While it may be easy to spot signs of spiders or cockroaches inhabiting the unit, other pests, such as bed bugs, are not as easy to spot. However, there are some clear indicators for bed bugs present in the unit:

· Tiny black dots along the floorboard areas. This could be their feces.

· Check around electrical outlets 

· Look around window frames or drawer joints

If you notice any signs of bed bugs or other pests, ask the landlord if you can have your exterminator come out to inspect the property before signing a lease. 

Speak with Neighbors

Potential neighbors are your best friend when moving to a new area. They can give you insight as to why the previous tenant moved out. Some neighbors are friendlier than others, and if they had pest issues, they might have alerted them to it.

Your Pre-Move In Inspection

If you’re allowed to have the property inspected before moving in, you want to contact a professional exterminator. They have the experience and know exactly what to look for. It’s well worth the investment, so you don’t have to spend additional funds to rid your home of bed bugs or go through trying to clean your bedding, clothing and furniture. What unnecessary stress this can cause, so never hesitate to get a pre-move-in inspection.

Handling Your Items when Moving In

When moving into a new place, it’s equally crucial that you not bring any bed bugs or other pests! Ensure your prior residence does not have any pests. Also, you must be careful with moving trucks and storage facilities. Bed bugs and other pests make these their homes as well, especially if they are not cleaned thoroughly. Contacting a bed bug exterminator for an inspection is not going above the call of duty. 

So remember, before moving into a new home, ask the right questions and know it’s within your rights to have your potential home inspected. It’s better to pay a minimal expense upfront than a hefty extermination fee later on. 

Get an Inspection Today

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