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NH Exterminator, Pest Control Discounts

NH Exterminator, Pest Control Discounts

NH Exterminator and Pest Control Discounts: Garfield Pest Control

Are you looking for pest control services at a reduced price? Pest control services provide safety and security – but not everyone can afford to hire pest control professionals.

If you’re looking for special exterminator & pest control discounts, you may be in luck. We recognize the important and vulnerable populations in New Hampshire and want to show our care with these pest control discounts.

Read below to see how you qualify and what services these discounts cover.

Who Qualifies for Our Pest Control Discounts?

We provide pest control discounts to people with special roles and responsibilities. Through our discounts, we hope to show our respect and appreciation with quality pest control services.

First Responder Discounts

Are you an emergency first responder? We celebrate first responders in our communities with a special pest control discount. To qualify, you need to be employed as an emergency response worker.

Veteran Discounts

We are proud of the people who serve our country. If you have served or are currently serving our country, you are eligible for our veteran discounts. 

Senior Discounts

As you age, responsibilities can grow and medical bills can pile up. To show our compassion and respect, we are happy to provide the elderly with our special senior discounts. 

What Services Do the Discounts Cover?

Our pest control discounts cover a wide range of services and plans. As long as you qualify for one of the discounts, you qualify for pest control inspection, treatment, and prevention at reduced prices.

Here are our included pest control plans:

Annual Plan

You can enjoy a discounted price with annual pest control treatments. While this plan is beneficial, we highly recommend pest control treatments for each season to cover a full range of seasonal pests.

Quarterly Plan

As our most popular plan, the quarterly plan covers an initial inspection and pest control treatment every three months. You receive treatments once per season, so you don’t have to worry about seasonal pests.

Tri-Annual Plan

With this plan, you receive three pest control services per year. This can be a good alternative to the quarterly plan if you don’t notice pests often or have an off-season.

Semi-Annual Plan

With this plan, you receive two pest control services per year. This plan is beneficial, though we recommend more frequent treatments for more comprehensive pest control.

Monthly Plan 

If you struggle with recurring pests, this plan is the best option for you. You will receive pest control services every month.

Call Exterminator & Pest Control Services in New Hampshire Today

Our special pest control discounts are available to first responders, veterans, and seniors. We love to show our appreciation to special community members, and pest control is important to feel comfortable and confident in your own home.

Are you ready to take advantage of your special discount?

At Garfield Pest Control, we price our exterminator & pest control services in New Hampshire based on your individual situation. Request a FREE inspection and estimate here or call us at (603) 424-7834. We look forward to helping you with your pest problem.