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Stink Bug Prevention: What They Hate

Stink Bug Prevention

What Scent Do Stink Bugs Hate Along with Plants, Colors and More?

Stink bugs are here in the US for good, so stink bug prevention has been on many people’s minds lately, especially during the fall months.

Since they arrived in the United States, stink bugs have become a nuisance in our fields, gardens, and homes. With these smelly insects making their presence known, you may be curious about ways you can repel them on your own. One of the most popular ways to do this is to use scented DIY bug repellent.

If you’re asking yourself, “what do stink bugs hate the smell of?” or “what color do stink bugs hate?” you aren’t alone. Knowing how to repel stink bugs is something every homeowner who deals with these annoying creatures should know.

Read on below to learn more about stink bugs and a few tricks to repelling them on your own. This can make your life easier and save money on costly store-bought chemicals. Unfortunately, these stink bug prevention tips may not always work and get rid of them entirely in many instances. That is when professional help is needed.

What Scents Do Stink Bugs Hate?

One of the best stink bug repellents is essential oils and aromas these pests aren’t fans of. While stink bugs themselves are smelly creatures, scents we consider pleasant aren’t well-received by these pests.

So, what essential oils do stink bugs hate? Clove oil, lemongrass oil, spearmint oil, and Ylang Ylang oil are a few of the essential oils stink bugs find themselves shying away from. Other popular scents that repel stink bugs from your home are different types of dryer sheets.

What Plants Do Stink Bugs Hate?

When it comes to plants that repel stink bugs, oddly enough, the smellier the better. Plants like lavender, garlic, and catnip are among some of the best options for keeping stink bugs away from your home. Plant these nearby and most insects will avoid paying you a visit.

Colors to Avoid

If you’re truly dedicated to ridding your home of stink bugs and have already added the scents they don’t like to the area, you should also avoid a particular color. Stink bugs are attracted to anything white. Whether it’s your home, car, or even front door a stink bug will love to pay you a visit.

As many of our homes have an abundance of white this may be hard to avoid.

What Attracts a Stink Bug?

Unfortunately, the answer to what attracts stink bugs is almost everything. With the exception of essential oils and certain plants, stink bugs are willing to go almost anywhere. This is especially true when the temperatures outside turn colder. 

Most homeowners notice a rise in stink bugs trying to get inside their homes during the fall of the year. This is how these invasive creatures try to protect themselves from the coming snows.

First, you can try to properly protect your home with these DIY repellent ideas to help hinder their progress. If all fails, Garfield Pest Control will come to your rescue.

Help With Stink Bug Prevention

Whether you’re curious about what scent do stink bugs hate or other ways of keeping them out of your home, at times, you may need assistance. This is where a trusted pest control service is the best answer.

At Garfield Pest Control we’re here for all your pest control needs. If stink bugs are making your life difficult, we can help you evict these smelly pests. Feel free to contact us at any time to schedule a free inspection and estimate.