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Summer Swing

Summer Swing

Summer Is In Full Swing And Bugs and Rodents Are All Out In Full Force

Well, summer is in full swing now and we are all adjusting to COVID-19. It’s been an unprecedented year so far. As summer weather rolls around, the bugs and rodents, who have no clue what COVID-19 is, are out in full

The slow and cold spring we had held off the wasps until it seemed at once, the weather got warm and released the gates. Wasp activity has been unusually high as far as scouting is concerned, wasps looking around for places to nest. So much, it seems like there is a nest nearby when actually it’s just the number of lookers out there.

Mice are actually very active this year, even in the warm weather. Seems they know people may have been stock piling some food and rations this year more than others.

And of course, the ants continue to be the same old nuisance they have always been, but this year a little more than before.

All noted we are still here, working hard to be of service and make a positive difference in others’ lives. We have adapted to take appropriate measures for your safety as well as ours. If you need service indoors, we can accommodate you with proper protective equipment.

There’s enough stress out there this year. You don’t need the stress of pests adding to it. We can and are ready to help.