“First-Class Service and More”

Values and Ethics

Values and Ethics

First Class Service and More

There’s been a lot of activity in the pest control industry this year and with it a lot of new businesses. These businesses, like all businesses, work to grow and expand. Some will go door to door, knocking and asking for your business. Of course, they will try to undercut prices to add to their client list.

This year, the pressure with many pest control operators in the business is high. Unfortunately, some will steep to standards that insult, defame, and falsely represent other companies in order to gain your business. Or in some cases, they hold a contract over your head to take care of a stressful issue you are dealing with at that time.

We will not do that. That is not who we are. And if it means we don’t grow fast as lighting, so be it. “First class service and more” is not just a motto. We care about the work we do and strive to bring you the absolute best value in pest control. We respect our customers and appreciate their business.

Prospective customers are no different, and we will not participate in unethical means or high-pressure sales techniques in order to gain their business. https://bizfluent.com/list-6137442-ethical-unethical-sales-techniques.html