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What Attracts Stink Bugs To Your House

What Attracts Stink Bugs To Your House

Are You Wondering What Attracts Stink Bugs to Your House?

Have you noticed an unusual odor in and around your property? The cause could be stink bugs.

Most active during the fall; stink bugs are small, shield-shaped insects. As their name suggests, they give off a pungent smell- and can often assemble in problematic quantities. 

If you’re having an issue with these critters, you’re probably wondering what’s attracting them to your dwelling. Many factors can contribute to a potential infestation.

Read on to learn more about common stink bug attractants, habits, and stink bug removal procedures.

What Attracts Stink Bugs

Shelter and Environment

As they thrive in warmer climates, stink bugs are inclined to seek shelter for the winter. As the colder months draw in, stink bugs will enter warm, unsecured properties- sometimes in huge numbers.

Prevent critters from making their initial entry. Stink bug control can be as simple as keeping windows and doors securely shut. Seal all possible stink bug entry points, and consult our informative guide to stink bug prevention and extermination. 

Stink bug control is essential during the fall. Once they take up residence for the winter, stink bugs cannot reproduce. However, upon finding a suitable site, they release pheromones to set a scent trail for bugs nearby- causing exponential infestation of your property.

Artificial Light and Heat

Stink bugs are attracted to both natural and artificial light. If you often use outdoor lighting, this could be acting as a beacon for stink bugs and other pests.

As the evenings draw in, we become more reliant on artificial light and heating to power our homes- especially in our bedrooms. Unfortunately, this also increases the prevalence of stink bugs. 

Stink bugs are not directly attracted to humans and cannot bite, but an electric blanket and reading light could readily lead these foul-smelling invaders straight into your bed.

If you are unlucky to find yourself with an unwanted bedfellow, do not crush or swipe it out of your bed- they will likely react by releasing their signature scent.

Trap them in a bottle, then add soapy water and replace the lid to finish them off. Don’t flush it down the toilet- there’s no need, and this will only waste water.

Ornamental Plants and Produce

Stink bug control is also an issue for the agricultural industry. Stink bugs feed on a wide range of fruit and vegetables. When you visit the fresh aisle of the supermarket, you can unknowingly bring stink bug attractants into your home.

Keep fresh produce in the refrigerator, avoid fruit bowls, and practice general good hygiene and cleanliness in the home.

Stink bugs are also attracted to certain ornamental plants and common garden weeds. Maintain your garden, and move ornamental plants away from potential stink bug entry points if possible.   

Stink Bugs: Cause and Control

So, that’s the 101 on stink bugs and what attracts stink bugs in your house.

While prevention is key, we will be happy to inspect your property and offer a swift and appropriate solution if you find yourself struggling with stink bugs or any other pests. Don’t hesitate: contact Garfield Pest Control for a free consultation today.