Don’t Let Your Home Turn Into a Roach Motel

Don’t Let Your Home Turn Into a Roach Motel

Get the cockroach control services you need in Merrimack, NH

Are you sick of sharing your living space with cockroaches? We can help. Garfield Pest Control offers cockroach control services in the Merrimack, NH area.

Cockroaches can’t bite or sting you, but they will definitely deter guests from hanging out in your home. We can spray the inside and perimeter of your house with safe and effective insecticides that will exterminate every last cockroach. We can treat commercial spaces that are infested with cockroaches, too.

Schedule a free cockroach inspection right away. We’ll get rid of the cockroaches in and around your home or business.

How to prevent cockroaches from returning

Garfield Pest Control provides cockroach control services in Merrimack, NH and surrounding areas. To prevent cockroaches from re-infesting your living space, you should:

  • Keep your home clean
  • Seal cracks and holes
  • Fix water leaks
  • Keep your living space cool
  • Avoid leaving food out

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