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Boxelder Bugs: Affordable NH Exterminator

Boxelder Bugs: Affordable NH Exterminatior

Affordable NH Exterminator For Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs (Boisea trivittata) are a common nuisance in New Hampshire, especially during the fall and winter. These tiny insects are primarily known for congregating on and around boxelder trees, but they can also infest homes, causing a host of problems for homeowners.

Fortunately, Garfield Pest Control in New Hampshire offers affordable and effective solutions for dealing with boxelder bugs in terms of prevention and extermination.

Boxelder Bugs Identification

Before we delve into the methods employed by Garfield Pest Control to manage boxelder bug infestations, it’s essential to understand the pest itself. Boxelder bugs are typically about half an inch long with an elongated oval shape. They have distinctive black bodies with bright red or orange markings, making them easily recognizable.

Life Cycle

These tiny nuisance bugs have a relatively short life cycle, typically lasting only a few months. They go through several stages, including egg, nymph, and adult. Adult boxelder bugs often seek shelter in homes during the colder months to survive the winter.


Boxelder bugs are attracted to warmth and sunlight, so they often congregate on the sunny side of buildings. They can enter homes through crevices and cracks, seeking shelter and warmth. While they are not known to cause structural damage, their presence can be a significant nuisance.

Prevention Measures

Preventing these small bugs from entering your home is the first defense against infestations. Here are some preventive measures that can help keep these pests at bay:

  1. Seal Entry Points: Inspect your home or business for cracks and gaps in doors, windows, and foundations. Seal these entry points with weatherstripping or caulk r to prevent boxelder bugs from gaining access.
  2.  Remove Boxelder Trees: If your property has boxelder trees, consider removing or trimming them significantly. These trees are a primary attractant for boxelder bugs.
  3.  Regular Maintenance: Keep your home and property well-maintained. Trim back bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation near your home, as boxelder bugs often use these as hiding spots.
  4.  Screened Vents: Install fine mesh screens over vents, chimneys, and other openings that may be entry points for boxelder bugs.
  5.  Repair Screens: Ensure window and door screens are in good condition and free from tears or holes.

Garfield Pest Control’s Approach

Garfield Pest Control in New Hampshire knows the challenges posed by boxelder bugs in the region. Our boxelder bug affordable NH exterminator team of professionals offers affordable and efficient solutions for both prevention and extermination:

  1. Inspection: The first step in dealing with a boxelder bug infestation is with a thorough inspection. Garfield Pest Control’s experienced technicians will assess the extent of the problem and identify entry points.
  2.  Exterior Treatment: To prevent boxelder bugs from entering your home, Garfield Pest Control will apply a barrier treatment around the perimeter. This treatment creates a protective barrier that deters boxelder bugs and other pests.
  3.  Interior Treatment: If boxelder bugs have already found their way into your home, Garfield Pest Control will employ safe and effective indoor treatments. These treatments are customized to your situation and may include using insecticides or vacuuming.
  4.  Customized Solutions: Garfield Pest Control understands that every infestation is different. We will work with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your budget and individual needs.
  5.  Follow-up Maintenance: After the initial treatment, Garfield Pest Control offers follow-up maintenance to ensure your home or business remains pest-free. This proactive approach helps prevent future infestations.

Affordable Extermination

Garfield Pest Control prides itself on offering affordable pest control solutions for New Hampshire residents. We genuinely know the importance of budget-friendly options, especially for persistent pests like boxelder bugs. We can provide cost-effective solutions that deliver results by customizing our services to your needs.

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Dealing with boxelder bugs in New Hampshire requires a thorough approach that includes prevention and extermination. Garfield Pest Control offers affordable and effective services to help homeowners and business owners keep their properties free from these annoying pests.

You can enjoy a pest-free home and business throughout the year by implementing preventive measures and seeking professional assistance. Don’t let bugs take over your property—contact Garfield Pest Control for a reliable solution today.