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Pest Control and Removal Services, Concord, NH

Is a pest problem making it difficult for you to enjoy being inside your home? Or is it taking a toll on your business and scaring your employees and customers away?

A professional pest inspector from Garfield Pest Control can come out to your residential or commercial property and provide you with the pest control services you need. We specialize in setting home and business owners up with services in Concord, NH, and nearby cities like Bow, Henniker, Pembroke, and Loudon.

Garfield Pest Control is one of the most well-respected pest control companies in Concord, NH, due largely to the experience and expertise we have when it comes to eradicating pests.

Our state-certified technicians are highly skilled as far as pest control is concerned and can help you get rid of pests if they’ve invaded your residential or commercial property. You can turn to us for assistance when you need help with:


 Rodent Control

 Ant Control


 Wasps, Hornets, and Bees

 Bed Bugs

If you don’t spring into action quickly and take care of a pest issue right away, it can get worse in a short period. It can put your health at risk and potentially even do a lot of damage to your home or business.

It’s why you should connect with Garfield Pest Control right away and have pest control services in Concord, NH, carried out. You won’t have to stress out over having pests inside or outside your home or business anymore after visiting us. We’ll use environmentally safe and effective products to stop pests from causing problems and make sure you get the best price possible on our services.

Reach out to Garfield Pest Control at 603-424-7834 to schedule an appointment with a Concord, NH professional pest inspector. We can also deliver monthly or annual insect control plans to you.

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