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Mud Daubers to Yellow Jackets, Wasps’ Hard Work is Starting to Show!

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Mud Daubers, Yellow Jackets, and Wasps

This is the time of year that wasps nests that started earlier this year will become apparently and possibly painfully obvious.

The nest grows from one queen starting 8 cells or so to birth workers. The workers then start building the nest. Once big enough, the queen retires to laying eggs while the workers take over all other duties. Then the nest picks up steam and like overnight, it seems the nest just appears with hoards of wasps.

This is a good time to look around your property, high and low, from the eaves to the ground. Look for frequent flight paths of wasps. They’ll be leaving and coming to the nest frequently during the day. They may be under a deck or stairs, and there may be more than one nest, so be careful if you find one to look further.

They can be very surprising. If you do get stung, there are a number of remedies noted on many sites across the web to help with care. https://tipnut.com/quick-tip-bee-sting-relief/ Of course, a doctor’s care should be the first consideration.

If you find a nest, ask yourself if it’s a threat to you or your family. Wasps are also great pollinators and if they aren’t bothering you or causing you stress, it helps to keep them around. \

BUT, if they are making you thinking about using another entrance to the house, or not spending time in your yard, then we can help. Contact us and we’ll be there to help remove that stress.