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Squirrel Control: Safeguarding Your Property in NH

Squirrel Control: Safeguarding Your Property in NH

Dealing with Squirrels: Tips for Protecting Your Property

As cute and furry as they may seem, squirrels can cause considerable damage to homes and commercial properties if left unchecked. From chewing on fixtures to nesting in attics, squirrels pose a real nuisance and hazard.

Taking proactive steps to squirrel control and removal is critical to safeguarding your New Hampshire property.

The Major Risks Posed by Squirrels

Structural Damage

Squirrels are infamous for chewing on wood, plastic and even aluminum. They can chew holes in roofs, soffits, fascia boards and other areas, leaving behind costly repairs. Their nests built with sticks and leaves also increase fire hazards in attics.

Power Outages

Squirrels have a knack for chewing through electrical wires and cables. This can lead to short circuits, sparks and power outages. Protecting exterior wires and having wires inspected is essential.

Spread of Disease

Squirrels can transmit diseases and parasites to humans and pets. Diseases like salmonella, Lyme disease and rabies are possible. Routinely cleaning up droppings, nests and dead squirrels reduces risk.

Food Contamination

Squirrels love getting into attics, chimneys, garage rafters and other places to find food. Once inside, they rummage through stored food and contaminate it with urine and droppings. Keeping food sealed and secured is essential.

Effective Squirrel Control Methods


This involves sealing off all possible entry points into the home with heavy-duty materials. Caps for chimney flues, steel mesh for soffit vents and weather-stripping for doors and windows keep squirrels out. Be sure to search for and seal less obvious holes, too.


When we discuss repellents, we like to talk about natural ones, as many store-bought chemicals can be toxic. Natural repellents applied around the property help deter squirrels from taking up residence. Repellents are typically not a standalone solution but support other control measures. Reapply repellents frequently for best results.


Live traps baited with fruits, nuts or seeds humanely catch squirrels for release elsewhere. We do not recommend Body-grip traps as they immediately kill squirrels upon triggering the trap. All traps must be checked daily to limit suffering. It is vital to follow your local regulations on relocating or disposing of trapped squirrels.

Professional Removal

If not of these squirrel control methods work for you or you have a severe infestation, bringing in a licensed professional is warranted. Professionals employ humane tactics while following protocols and regulations. They can also completely clean out nests, droppings and carcasses left behind by squirrels to eliminate the health risk to humans and pets.

Professional Squirrel Control for Property Owners in Need

For homeowners in Merrimack, Manchester, Nashua, New Hampshire and surrounding areas plagued by problematic squirrels, Garfield Pest Control offers comprehensive squirrel control and removal services. With years of experience, wildlife management experts can customize strategies to resolve unique squirrel issues. They utilize humane exclusion, trapping and deterrent techniques to eliminate squirrel damage or risks.

To protect your business and home’s structure, utilities and your staff, visitors and family’s health, don’t delay in contacting a professional for squirrel control. Safeguard your property against squirrel intrusions and their resulting destruction with the help of an experienced pest management provider.

Contact Garfield Pest Control today to schedule a property inspection and discuss customized squirrel control plans that deliver lasting results.