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Termites Swarming Season

Termites Swarming Season

Termites Swarming Season

Termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage every year. The heavy price of a termite infestation threatens any property owner, but termite swarming season is when property owners need to be more vigilant than ever.

So, what time of year are termites most active?

While termites do have seasons, the answer is more complicated than circling a few dates on your calendar. Read our quick guide on termites to understand when to look for termites and what to do when you see them.

What Time of Year Are Termites Most Active?

Termites aren’t constantly infesting homes in New Hampshire, especially in seasonal and colder areas. In the cold summer months, termites have to hide away by digging into the soil. 

Most species of termites become most active when temperatures start to rise. When Spring hits and the temperature warms, termite colonies begin to expand and eventually swarm to find more spacious homes. You can expect to see termite swarms throughout the Spring and Summer.

This is the time to take proactive measures against termites.

How Many Times a Year Do Termites Swarm?

Termite colonies will usually only swarm once a year, a period known as termites swarming season.

Since termite season only happens once for a colony, termite swarmers, or alates, will wait for specific weather conditions to swarm. You can expect to see these swarming termites on days following rain with low wind speeds.

How Long Do Termite Swarms Last?

Termite swarms typically last 30 to 40 minutes. If the swarming termites can’t find the right conditions for a colony, such as soil, moisture, and wood, they will quickly die. The number of termites swarming will depend on the species and size of the colony.

Termites swarming season

What to Do When You See Termites Swarming:

Swarming termites are often mistaken for other bugs like ants and flies. Here are the most telling signs of swarming termites:

  • Detached clear wings
  • Ant-like segmented bodies
  • Large groups of dead black or brown pests

If you see termites swarming, don’t panic. These swarmers want to establish a new colony, but seeing them doesn’t always mean you have an infestation. However, you shouldn’t ignore their presence.

Termite swarms are a big warning sign that termites see your home as a potential nest. If you see a termite swarm in or near your house, you have an opportunity to stop the problem before it starts. 

Contact Garfield Pest Control to have trained, and licensed professionals protect your New Hampshire property from the massive destruction termites can cause. We provide comprehensive termite exterminator services, including termite inspection, termination, and prevention.

Your Solution to Termites Swarming Season in New Hampshire

What time of year are termites most active? Termites can wreak havoc year-round, but peak termite season is during spring and summer. With Spring around the corner, termites will search for new homes. 

At Garfield Pest Control in New Hampshire, we have the expertise to control termites in your home and prevent them from returning. If you’re concerned about termites in your New Hampshire home or business, set up your termite control appointment today.