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Mice in NH Homes: How To Remove and Control

Mice in NH Homes: How To Remove and Control

What to Do About Mice in New Hampshire Homes

Mice in NH homes can be a big problem!

If you’ve ever spotted a mouse inside your home, you’ve probably considered one or more treatments to drive them out of your house. But, if you’re not the type to wait around for a solution for mice in New Hampshire, you likely consulted a pest control expert.

But wait, can’t you solve this on your own? After all, getting rid of a mouse is as simple as finding it and tossing it outside, right? Most definitely not. One mouse might be all that’s visible, but that doesn’t mean that’s all you have. Mice are social creatures, and if one’s present, more are usually hiding. Learn what an expert in pest problems can do to protect your home!

Sealing the Entry Points

Mice in New Hampshire don’t need much room to enter any space they want. The average mouse can squeeze into a hole that’s only 1/4 inches wide, about the diameter of a pencil. Odds are, you neither have the time nor an eye for detail to scour every inch of your house and spot every place where a mouse might try to enter.

On the other hand, pest control experts know where the holes are likely to be and what they can do to seal them. So not only can they keep mice from entering from the outside, but they can also keep the mice already in your home from getting out and finding a new entry point for future invasions.

Strategic Trap Placement

Have you ever struggled to place a mouse trap somewhere in your home because it’s in an area where pets or young children might set it off? Not only were these issues, but they probably weren’t in the right spot anyway to entice a mouse.

Mice like to stay as close to their homes as possible for food sources, so a pest control expert will place bait very near the spot where they believe mice are entering. Not only are these spots effective, but they’re also a reasonable distance from high-traffic areas, so your risk of children or pets accidentally triggering them is relatively low.

Mice in NH Homes, Following Up

Did you know that female mice give birth to up to six times a year? That’s why a pest control expert always follows up a few months after exterminating a mouse infestation. Getting rid of one mouse doesn’t mean that they necessarily got rid of every mouse in the home. If a baby was left behind, it could have started causing havoc on its own, leading to potential damage to the house. A reliable pest expert will check back with you within three months and ensure you’re still mouse-free.

When you’ve got mice in New Hampshire, having the right pest control team on the job goes a long way toward reclaiming your home.

Say goodbye to “mice in NH homes, especially yours. Garfield Pest Control prides itself on spotting entry points and closing them off, creating a safe area that’s free of unwanted rodents. Contact us to have our team take a look!